Reconciliation Through Language Learning Series

Reconciliation Through Language Learning Series

Reconciliation Regina is committed to revitalizing the Indigenous languages that were lost due to Residential Schools in Treaty Four territory. Working in collaboration with the Regina Public Library, they are hosting an introductory-level language program series called “Reconciliation Through Language Learning.”

The program will showcase the following languages: Cree, Saulteaux, Nakoda, Dakota & Lakota, and Michif. Each language will be part of the 10-week series. The series will be conducted remotely via Zoom and open to participants free of charge. The program will provide a secure and inclusive learning environment, welcoming anyone regardless of their Indigenous or non-Indigenous background to attend the one-hour online beginner language class once a week.

Each session will be moderated by the Regina Public Library, and Reconciliation Regina will record every Zoom meeting, create videos, and upload them to their YouTube channel at for future reference.

Beginner Language Resources

Reconciliation Regina YouTube Channel

Click on the links below to view the previous beginner language series recordings on YouTube.