Get Involved


How Can I Get Involved On A Personal Level?

  • Follow us on twitter
  • Like and share our Facebook page.
  • Complete public survey (found on Facebook page).
  • Contact us to share information about what actions you or an organization in our community has taken towards Reconciliation and/or a TRC Call to Action.
  • Visit the ConnectR website for Resources (Reconciliation Saskatoon,
  • Conatct us directly to share information about an Indigenous event, your story, or anything else you would like to share with us.
  • Join our Community Champions list.
  • Attend one of our future events.
  • Invite Reconciliation Regina to present and provide education and awareness of Truth and Reconciliation and the TRC Calls to Action.
Individual Commitments (Beyond the 94 Calls...)
  • Understand what it means to be an Indigenous Ally here: ally_bill_of_responsibilities_poster.pdf (
  • Educate and inform yourself about the history and legacy of the treatment of Indigenous peoples in Canada.
  • Attend an Indigenous community event.
  • Read from our reconciliation list.
  • Learn an Indigenous language.
  • Organize or volunteer your time/services to an Indigenous organization or Reconciliation event (i.e. Blanket Exercise).
  • Donate to an Indigenous organization and/or residential school survivors fund.
  • Speak out against racism, discrimination, and stereotypes of Indigenous peoples.
  • Encourage increased education and curriculum focused on the history of Indigenous peoples (treaties, legislation, policy, etc.) in our school systems and throughout our community.
  • Advocate for changes to elementary, secondary, and post-secondary school curriculum to include Indigenous heroes and highlight Indigenous peoples' contributions to Canada.
  • Follow the Reconciliation Regina social media pages and commit to the Reconciliation Regina movement by recording your commitment(s) on social media using the hashtags #reconciliationregina and #ourjourney.

Get Involved!