Decolonize YQR: The Journey Through Truth & Reconciliation

Reconciliation Regina and the Regina Public Library present the Decolonize YQR: The Journey Through Truth & Reconciliation, a monthly workshop series focused on exploring a deeper shared understanding of truth and reconciliation in our community.

Facilitators will take a broader look at the system of colonization and the socio-economic impacts of systemic racism and discrimination that are experienced by Indigenous peoples today and provide participants with actionable steps to begin their journey towards decolonization. The workshops are facilitated by Indigenous community leaders that are dedicated to supporting a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment that educates, energizes and inspires creativity, agency and transformation.


Participants are encouraged to register for as many workshops as they like, and these workshops have been designed for an inclusive audience of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous and will be provided on a digital platform (Zoom) until is safe to meet in person again.

These workshops are free, and all are welcome to attend. Click on each individual session to see how to register.

Upcoming Workshops:
Past Workshops: