“Starting now, we all have an opportunity to show leadership, courage and conviction in helping heal the wounds of the past as we make a path towards a more just, fair and more loving country" - Justice Murray Sinclair

Reconciliation Regina


Since the June, 2015 release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) 94 Calls to Action, many local organizations and individuals have been working towards meeting the actions directed. In 2016, Regina City Council unanimously approved a Referral Motion moved by Mayor Fougere to honour, acknowledge, accept responsibility and participate in actions to address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada 94 Calls to Action.

The City of Regina partnered with the Office of the Treaty Commissioner and many community leaders and organizations to develop a broader community response to the Calls to Action. This led to the creation of Reconciliation Regina, the beginning of our community-led reconciliation journey now comprised of over 85 community organizations (Community Champions) - working towards the fulfillment of the Calls to Action and actions that may not directly respond to the TRC Calls to Action but have still helped increase understanding and respect towards Indigenous peoples and culture in our community.


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"On behalf of the Reconciliation Regina Council, we are pleased to submit a draft of the Community Action Plan for review.

The Community Action Plan furthers our commitment to do more than just talk about reconciliation; but also to learn how to practice reconciliation every day - both within ourselves and in our daily interactions with others."

- Gillis Lavalley, Chair, Reconciliation Regina


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